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Bios: Ironhide Eruiste Nightwish Thrrpt Wheeljill Deepdancer Bonnie Ratchet Starscream Heartstone Bluestreak Hormah

Dragon Tavern intro

Perceptor's arrival.

Storms on the mountains.

Two weddings and no funeral. Firelight friendship.

Family ties.

Family matters.

The mysterious guy who rents the best suite.

Call me Ratchet.

Enter the Thundersparks.

The Wandering.

Finding lost treasure.


Ironhide got trolled.

Tales exchanged.


Viisaus' Wish.

Ironhide returned.

And then Honeyfuggle did.

Two Necromancers.

Supper with Honey.

Enter... the Rambler.

Flowers, trees, and fever.

Three more weddings, but still no funeral.

One stormy day. Cave ins and calves.

Pets and plant babies.

More weddings.

Ratchet found himself in a strange plane where a sign said to ask a question, so he asked for advice on how to help Ironhide. And then answered a question about the woman he most admired.

Unexpected Dragon.

Lizard babies and Wheeljack shock.

Gerard's arrival and shimmerstones.


Grimlock, Raoul, and three more weddings.

Pocket palaces and planeswalking.

Mack the friendly merchant.

Another dragon soul soon aborning.

Shadelord. Lich.

Honeyfuggle and Randomly find out about her brothers' changes.

Rats, housebreakers, and measles.

Platinum and roses.

Tracks and Rose wound up in a strange Nexus.

Thrrpt, Sundew and Blackout in the sign Nexus.

Ironhide and Snarl wound up in the Nexus with the sign. Then Perceptor and Kia were feeling better, and big boots were put to use.

Tracks and Flashpoint met mechanical Name Siblings in the sign Nexus.

Quads and all that Jazz.

Ratchet's brother. Ironhide talked to a dragon in the Nexus. Flower dragons, blue dragons, Jazz up, and a new dragonsoul.

Dinner at the block house and a wind up singing blackbird.

Eruiste fought a cabbage, Young Lu said her name, and Sunstreaker's family moved out of the boots.

Sake Christmas party, and Ultra Magnus got married.


Tracks met hsvTracks in the Nexus.

Hugs and macaroni.

An evening with Chagrin and Heartstone.

Heatwave for Christmas.

Babies on the first day of spring.

Denthe learned to understand her husband a little more during a trip to the Black Dog.

Help for little Yau.

Flashpoint's Nexus name sister got a baby surprise, and a concert.

((two years pass))

Ironhide had a secret, and Old Lumen remorted. 2 3

Couple weeks later: dwarven elders and a blizzard. 2

Denthe hung out with a Name Sister in the Nexus, and gave her niece a pet mini-skelly.

An account of Kriti's first Battle Tournament match.

Blackout helped nkosDenver find herself.

Sharpshot and Ridgeback.

Catscan and Lizzie.

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