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The Cast

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Created on 2012-02-23 00:16:10 (#1516340), last updated 2016-10-13 (53 weeks ago)

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Name:The Cast
Birthdate:Aug 28
Website:Contact me
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Safe For Work

See below for rating details.

The home journal of my main cast of characters (Important disclaimer). As you may notice, I don't play in this journal, just with it. The story stuff happens in IM, or at various communities, including (formerly) [ profile] randomplaces, and [ profile] dens_tf_den, (and now) [community profile] randomplaces, and [community profile] dens_tf_den, and then I archive it here.

If you need to get hold of me drop a line at [personal profile] random_ooc. That entry there at the top.

Description of Wust Feen and Schattenfeen (Naomi House, Liedherz's holoform, Hrafni, etc.).

Retired characters and stories here.

If you don't don't understand something about my crossovers. Feel free to speak to me in a polite manner. It works much better than flaming people in wangst pits.

NOTE: The concept of the Sign Nexus does not originate with me. It was invented by the owner of the LJ community called Sages of Chaos. I give her full credit for the idea.

Reason for Rating: Some fighting, death, fart jokes, and the occasional off colour comment that I don't catch. Oh yeah, and kissing. They won't stop doing that. All is SAFE FOR WORK unless specified in the thread. Some characters played by other people are hard to keep in line.

Interests (4):

batman, bible, interactive story rp, transformers
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